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Vacant is a point and click adventure game about Jade Bridgett-- a new intern at a mysterious government agency called "The Eye". On her first day, she gets put on a case to find three missing people, all at which are presumed dead. It's your job to find them and the culprit.

Based off of the VACANT graphic novel.


Our goal is to include the following in the full release:

-Digitally drawn dialogue Portraits

-More animations

-A longer ending (We were severely limited do to time and resources)

-More music by Elena


Please leave a comment. There is only one person working on this game so the chances of finding a bug is VERY VERY high. If something seems fishy PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Note: The game doesn't seem to work for Macs. Let me know if you get this problem.


In order to keep updated with the game check out our tumblr. Will will post patch notes, what we're working on, and important news there.

This game was created by H L Nunnelly. She is an illustrator and game designer. She is also known as "Granny Jo" over at her youtube channel.

Her tumblr: http://imaginetheendingart.tumblr.com/

Her twitter: https://twitter.com/RLNunnelly

If you liked the game and would like to see more like it, consider supporting the creator over at Patreon.


A full walkthrough by KatFTWynn


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My only problem is I'm playing this on a laptop and since I cannot change the size of the window, I can't read any of the dialogue because it's cut off by my taskbar. Once that changes, I can play the game, but until then, I can't read a thing.

It cuts it off? Hmmmmm...it shouldn't do that. Are you playing it on a Mac or Windows computer? Also, can you take a screenshot?

My taskbar's transparent so I can KINDA read it? But not well enough.

Oooh ok.Hmmm....after I get the game to work for Macs, I'll release another version of the game that's a little bit smaller.

I would make it possible for people to resize the screen, but then the text will un-align. It's because of one of the assets I am using. May need to completely redo the UI before full release.

Thank you for sending me the s/n! Sorry about this. I appreciate your patience.

No problem. Glad I could help.

Hey, dudes.

This is Easter Egg #1 of the game. Just wanted to show if off for anyone who was interesting. :)

8/10 increase moving speed a bit :D


FROM THE DEVELOPER: The game doesn't seem to work for Macs. Leave a comment if this happened to you. That way we can fix it.