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Really neat stuff, I like the top down view.

Thank you! I am glad you like it!


I really enjoyed the game. I hope to see many updates in the future! I'll be sure to let everyone I know to play it! :)

Thank you so much again!! It's deeply appreciated!

My only problem is I'm playing this on a laptop and since I cannot change the size of the window, I can't read any of the dialogue because it's cut off by my taskbar. Once that changes, I can play the game, but until then, I can't read a thing.

It cuts it off? shouldn't do that. Are you playing it on a Mac or Windows computer? Also, can you take a screenshot?

My taskbar's transparent so I can KINDA read it? But not well enough.

Oooh ok.Hmmm....after I get the game to work for Macs, I'll release another version of the game that's a little bit smaller.

I would make it possible for people to resize the screen, but then the text will un-align. It's because of one of the assets I am using. May need to completely redo the UI before full release.

Thank you for sending me the s/n! Sorry about this. I appreciate your patience.

No problem. Glad I could help.

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Okay it's been over a month but I built a smaller version of the game for your computer. It should work. If not, let me know and I'll make it even smaller. :)

Download the "compressed" version of the game.

Hey, dudes.

This is Easter Egg #1 of the game. Just wanted to show if off for anyone who was interesting. :)

8/10 increase moving speed a bit :D


FROM THE DEVELOPER: The game doesn't seem to work for Macs. Leave a comment if this happened to you. That way we can fix it.